Thursday, March 29, 2012

it came!

We got Gavyn a crib!
He is officially a big boy now, right? ;)

It converts into a toddler bed and also works as a headboard/footboard on a twin size bed.
Probably won't be long now...

And we finally had some good weather so Gavyn and I went to the park and tried out the swings.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


In case anyone doesn't know... Molly and Alex got married last month. We flew out together on February 28th and it was the most challenging flight for Gavyn to date but it was nice to be able to pass him back and forth across the empty seat between us.

Molly and Alex were sealed the next morning on February 29th. We had lunch and my brother, Michael, took Jared to the airport to fly home; he doesn't get paid time off, and that would have made for a very expensive wedding for us. The happy couple, Ellen and I went downtown Denver and took some wedding shots. It was really fun and we got some beautiful photos that I hope they can look back at and remember the day fondly.

There was a guy smoking pot around this place. Cropped him out. (that's why they're so happy.)

We spent the next few days building the reception. This was the fruit bedecked cake plate. And I believe this is the only photo we got before people started eating it at the reception.
The reception was beautiful. I wish I had a picture of it to prove it. ;)

And I don't want to talk about the flight home, but this is what we found when we got home.
I love my designer.

Life is a lot slower at the Davis home. Gavyn really likes to follow me around everywhere I go, like a little duckling. He is walking like a pro and chatting up a storm with occasional real words. He says, "Dada" a lot and seems to look for Jared all day, "Mama" when he's hungry and occasionally in reference to me, "cup", "car", "baby", "wow", "yeah" and we're working on "up" and "book".
He is a very happy boy and loves exploring.

Daddy did his hair.

A tree fell down behind our apartment and shattered across the lawn. It was so odd, I thought I would include it.

And I emptied the photos off my phone and found this one.
It was just so sweet I had to share.

We have ordered a crib scheduled to arrive tomorrow that I'm very excited about. And there are signs of spring everywhere.

Life is good.