Monday, June 27, 2011


Gavyn is discovering the world of standing and sitting and wants to do it all the time. Unfortunately he can't do it on his own yet... and I still want to get stuff done, so we got some new toys to help us both get what we want. That's what you call mutually beneficial.

This is entertainment central: he can jump, spin, bat, look, twist and any other verbs you can think of.

This is a Prince Lionheart chair we found on Craigslist for 10$. Yay!

My boys and their toys.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We had our third anniversary two weeks ago! Yay!
The third is the "leather" anniversary and I was thoroughly stumped as what to do until three days before. We should test drive a nice car with leather seats!

Jared mentioned our plan to his boss and he offered his car: a black ... Jag. :)

We left little Gavyn with our friends, the Walsers, and went to an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's for dinner. They even had leather seats. :)

We asked the waiter to take our picture, but we were in such a hurry to get back to Gavyn, we didn't check that the camera wasn't on AutoFocus. So we only have this blurry picture of us.

We stopped to fill up the car, and finally figured out how to open the gas door, Jared went to select the gas and realized we didn't know what kind to put in. We called his boss and he wouldn't tell us; he said he never fills it up, "It runs on love."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A Memorial Day to Remember

WOW! What a weekend!
We had an impromptu trip to Colorado that was just delightful. Matthew went through the temple to prepare to leave for his mission to Pennsylvania in late June. It was so wonderful to all be able to be there. That doesn't happen often and won't for a couple of years now that Matthew is headed out.

Gavyn got to see his Great Grandma again. Isn't she cute!?

playing Settlers of Catan: a family tradition

And the other big event of the weekend is that Ellen and that boy in the picture (the big one) are engaged! His name is Dane Short and we're so happy for them! So we'll probably see them sooner than we would have for Thanksgiving!

Ethan and Joseph were helping Anna practice the piano for our Sunday concert.

We had an odd number of people playing Catch Phrase so Molly and I worked together. We were so in sync that we decided we might as well complete the look as well!

And Gavyn and I crashed on the couch when we got back.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a wonderful trip!