Monday, June 27, 2011


Gavyn is discovering the world of standing and sitting and wants to do it all the time. Unfortunately he can't do it on his own yet... and I still want to get stuff done, so we got some new toys to help us both get what we want. That's what you call mutually beneficial.

This is entertainment central: he can jump, spin, bat, look, twist and any other verbs you can think of.

This is a Prince Lionheart chair we found on Craigslist for 10$. Yay!

My boys and their toys.


  1. Love it!!! He's so adorably cute (Gavyn, not Jared...though I'm sure you think Jared is too). What is that chair called? Can they sit in them even if they can't sit up on their own? Someone else I know has one, and I've thought about getting a couple for the twins. Cute cute pictures Emily!

  2. It's a Prince Lionheart seat- there is also the "Bumbo" brand that is pretty much the same. He isn't sitting up by himself yet, but he loves it! I think it is designed to help them learn to sit up.