Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Story time

This is just a token image because I know pictures are more fun... but I have a couple of stories to share.

Story 1: Last week we were enjoying Gavyn's awake time on the floor- he was kicking and cooing.
Jared blew a raspberry on his tummy and said, "What do you think of that?"
And Gavyn replied with a little toot. The timing couldn't have been more perfect!

Story 2: We were at the mall exchanging Jared's iPhone - something stopped the home button from working - We were strolling through the food court and Gavyn decided he was hungry too... very hungry. Luckily I remembered hearing that the mall had a "family lounge". I went in and found a little play place, a line of sinks with changing stations between, and three booths with curtains for nursing mothers. WOW!
So I went in to the booth and just after, the curtain was pushed in by someone I could only assume was 2 1/2 feet tall. I gently pushed back and the munchkin went away for a little while. I started getting Gavyn out of the car seat harness and was joined by a curly haired little boy who just stood there staring up at me. His Russian mother came in, shooed him out and apologized profusely. I proceeded to get the screaming Gavyn out and was joined again by the curious curly headed stranger. His mom was very apologetic, and asked if her son could touch the baby to satisfy the intrigue. I get it. I think he's pretty cute too.

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