Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Gavyn is in the stroller in front of us...

Sunday lived up to it's name last weekend so we headed with our good friends, the Walsers, to Snowqualmie Falls. I did not expect something so stunning at such an easy distance. It was beautiful! (I'm sure the perfect weather didn't hurt.) We're excited to be able to enjoy the summer more as I won't be feeling sick on a car ride longer than 15 min. Seattle area, here we come!

And I decided to have an adventure in the kitchen yesterday as well. I made kabobs, and no - we didn't get a grill, I just faked it in the oven. Who knew leftover chicken, a fresh pineapple, green peppers and sweet chili sauce, could turn out so delicious!?

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  1. mmm, that looks good! How did you make it in the oven?