Tuesday, May 8, 2012

just an update...

He's getting so big!
Gavyn has been chatting up a storm- sometimes I swear he doesn't stop talking. I just wish I could know what he thinks he's saying...
He says "baby", and "CA!" (for "car"), a lot, "dada", "please", "picture", "bear", "pillow", "diaper", "bottle" (not for baby bottles, but tubes like Butt Paste), "ball", "bowl", "bush", "star" (he thinks flowers are stars, too.) ... I know there are more, but I can't think of them. We haven't gotten two words together, yet. I'm excited for that.

 We have been enjoying some great weekend weather lately. I don't see how people can look at a forecast that calls for rainy all week and sunny Saturday and Sunday and not believe in God... 

We have been playing at the playground, taking walks around shopping centers, and we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park downtown this past Sunday. Gavyn was mostly interested in the gravel...

And last Saturday we were very blessed! A man from Jared's work was giving away a digital piano on the condition that we "pay it forward" when opportunity presents itself. 
And I couldn't tell you if Jared or Gavyn is more excited. 
But they're both pretty excited!


Jared has had very busy weeknights lately so I have been occupying myself with my new fetish: making baby shoes!

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