Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome Home

Well... we have a house!

 And a list of "to do" and DIY's longer than both our arms. 
And it makes us so happy!!!

While Jared was getting an ear-full from the "blinds lady" in Home Depot, Gavyn and I took an exploratory expedition through our new favorite store and munch on some fruit snacks. Most of the numbers were too big for me, but when we came across with one that said 3.50$ we got excited.
 And Gavyn decided to sit on it. :)

We came home and unwrapped them and they were kind of slippery so I got some non-slip shelf liner at Fred Meyer which actually fit perfectly with no trimming or leftovers... fortuitous. 
I cut a stencil and started painting. :)

Not too shabby for about 5$. 

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